Press Clippings


This section contains newspaper articles and other commentary related to nonpublication. Please check back often for updated articles.


                        Press Related to the controversial use of non-publication and no-citation rules:

1.       On “Published” Opinions   Myron Moskovitz, Daily Journal, September 1, 2019

2.       California (Finally) Ends Automatic Depublication   Peter W. Martin, June 20, 2016

3.       High court shifts on depublishing   Saul Sugarman, Daily Journal, June 2, 2016

4.       Using Unpublished Opinions In Calif. High Court Petitions    Jessica M. Di Palma, Law360, March 3, 2016.

5.       “Referencing” and “mentioning” unpublished opinions in petitions for review   Jessica Di Palma,, January 28, 2016

6.       Binding precedent, pending review    Jessica M. Di Palma; Daily Journal; January 19, 2016

7.       State Depublication Rule Draws Criticism From Judges, Lawyers   Kevin Lee, San Francisco Daily Journal, January 11, 2016

8.       Appeals Court Seeks To Influence Calif. High Court Decisions  David W. Moreshead, Law360, December 2, 2015

9.       Court of Appeal voices at the Supreme Court  David Ettinger,, November 11, 2015

10.   The Disappearing Precedent   Andrew Cohen, The Marshall Project, September 25, 2015

11.   Calif. High Court Proposal Would End Depublication Practice  Jessica Di Palma, Law360, September 22, 2015

12.   State Justices Revive Depublication Debate   Cheryl Miller, The Recorder, July 31, 2015

13.   Supreme Court asks for input on court rule proposal   America Hernandez, Daily Journal, July 30, 2015

14.   Publishing appellate decisions   Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee, July 27, 2015

15.   State high court rejects bid to depublish appellate water ruling    America Hernandez, Daily Journal, July 24, 2015

16.   California attorney general goes to bat for water-hog penalties    Kurtis Alexander, SF Chronicle, June 19, 2015

17.   What the Dickens is the Law?   Gary A. Watt, Tiffany J. Gates; Daily Journal; September 3, 2013

18.   The Value of Unpublished Opinions   Moe Keshavarzi, Daily Journal, May 7, 2010

19.   Confessions of a Non-Publication Troglodyte   Gideon Kanner, Daily Journal, April 28, 2010

20.  Judges Debate Unpublished Opinions   John Roemer, Daily Journal, April 16, 2010

21.  Democratic Attorney General hopeful Mike Schmier in legal crusade   Paul Elias, Associated Press, April 3, 2010

22.  Dems deem East Bay AG candidate...   Josh Richman, March 31, 2010

23.  A Judge's Unusual Request: Don't Print This in Westlaw or Lexis    Debra Cassens Weiss; ABA Journal; March 11, 2010

24.  Is Google Scholar a Worthy Adversary?    Oliver Benn; Law Technology News; March 9, 2010

25.  9th Circuit Dukes It Out Over Dicta   John Roemer; Daily Journal; February 26, 2010.

26.  California Appellate Court Refuses to Publish Anti-Camera Decision; October 17, 2009

27.  Articles / Obituaries related to the death of Prof. Stephen Barnett   October 13, 2009

28.  Ignorance of the Sausage   Rick Horowitz; Probable Cause Blog; September 23, 2009 (pdf version)

29.  Publishing Policy Challenged   Laura Ernde; Daily Journal; September 16, 2009

30.  Unpublished Appellate Opinions Are Still Commonplace   Aaron S. Bayer; The National Law Journal; August 24, 2009

31.  Alsup OKs No-Citation Rule, Denies Sanctions    Mike McKee; The Recorder; July 29, 2009

32.  Can We At Least Call Him a Persistent Litigant?    Laura Ernde; LA/SF Daily Journal; July 28, 2009

33.  Schmier Argues He's Not Vexatious (But Hey, The Dude is Tenacious)   Mike McKee; LawBlog (Cal Law); July 21, 2009

34.  Judge Blasts 'Forum Shopping' in Publication Case    Mike McKee; The Recorder; July 17, 2009

35.  Making the Case for Case Citations�Without Much Luck     Rebecca Beyer; LA/SF Daily Journal; July 16, 2009

36.  Keeping it quiet; Only a fraction of the details of the rulings of Maryland's second-highest appeals court are ever made widely available to the public   Melissa Harris; Baltimore Sun; March 22, 2009

37.  Unpublished Opinions in Federal Courts: An Interview with David Cleveland   Law Librarian Blog; October 29, 2008

38.  Should MD adopt the new federal rule regarding citing of unpublished cases?   Michael Wein; Daily Record (Baltimore, MD); May 19, 2006

39.  Need to reform unpublished opinions in Maryland    Michael Wein; Daily Record (Baltimore, MD); September 19, 2003.

40.  Discussion of Schmier v. Supreme Court, the very first case presented in the textbook used for the basic course in most California law schools. Cases and Materials on California Civil Procedure, 3d (American Casebook Series) Thompson West; David I. Levine, William R. Slomanson, Rochelle J. Shapell (2008)

41.  Appeal Courts Publishing More, Barely   Mike McKee; The Recorder; June 27, 2008

42.  Hungry for Precedent  Donald J. Kochan; Daily Journal; May 5, 2008

43.  Debate Heats Up Over Unpublished Opinions    Lorelei Laird; California Lawyer; May 2008.  (Pdf scan of hard copy)

44.  Is Governor Serious About Taxing Lawyers?   Cheryl Miller; The Recorder; March 24, 2008.  (Please scroll down to second half of article.)

45.  Rules for Unpublished Opinions Violate Due Process, Suit Says   Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; October 5, 2007.  (Please see the  Complaint   |   Underlying unpublished appellate opinion, described in the above article.)

46.  A Quest to Get More Court Rulings Online, and Free   John Markoff; The New York Times; August 20, 2007.

47.  Appeal Courts Are Publishing More Cases    The Recorder; July 19, 2007.

48.  Chief Justice Derails Bill on Changing State's Citation Rules    Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; June 22, 2007.

49.  Raising the Bar: "Citing Unpublished Opinions"    Paul Mark Sandler; The Daily Record; May 4, 2007.

50.  A New Proposal to Permit Lawyers To Cite �Unpublished� Opinions:  Does It Go Far Enough?  Michael C. Dorf;; September 2, 2003.

51.  New Rule Challenges Meaning of Precedent  Stephen R. Barnett; Daily Journal; January 26, 2007.

52.  Uncovering Unpublished Opinions   Laura M. Wilson; Daily Journal; January 18, 2007.

53.  Unpublished Opinions  Paul D. Fogel and David J. de Jesus; Daily Journal; Dec. 20, 2006.

54.  California Supreme Court Amends Publication Rule, Encourages Certification of More Opinions   Metropolitan News-Enterprise; December 13, 2006.

55.  Top Court Presses Appellates to Publish More  Amy Yarbrough and Itir Yakar; Daily Journal; Dec. 13, 2006.  (Pdf scan of L.A. edition  and S.F. edition.)

56.  Commentary: What Do the Federal Appellate Procedure Rule Changes Mean for You?   Howard J. Bashman, November 27, 2006

57.  The Ninth Circuit and the No-Cite Rule  Stephen R. Barnett; The Recorder April 21, 2006

58.  To Cite or Not to Cite to Non-Precedential Opinions  Howard J. Bashman, March 6, 2006

59.  Court OKs Citation of Unpublished Opinions  Brent Kendall; Daily Journal; April 14, 2006

60.  Court Endorses Use of Unpublished Opinions  Tony Mauro; Legal Times; April 12, 2006

61.  Why Judge Alito Should Be Confirmed  Kenneth and Michael Schmier; San Francisco Chronicle; January 18, 2006

62.  Unpublished Opinions: Oh, the Shame of It!  Stephen R. Barnett; Daily Journal; November 16, 2005

63.  Justices Carve Exception to the No-Cite Rule  Kenneth and Michael Schmier; The Recorder; November 4, 2005

64.  Congress/Courts Study Use of Unpublished Opinions  The Third Branch: Newsletter of the Federal Courts; July 2002

65.  Advisory Panel Nixes Call to Publish All Appellate Rulings  Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; October 19, 2005

66.  Appellate court rule gets new weight  Josh Richman; Oakland Tribune; September 22, 2005

67.  Judicial Conference Supports Citing Unpublished Opinions  Tony Mauro; Legal Times; September 21, 2005

68.  Panel OKs Cites To Unpublished U.S. Opinions  Brent Kendall and Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; September 21, 2005

69.  Appellate court begins to put 'unpublished' rulings on Web  Robert Schwaneberg; Star Ledger; September 20, 2005

70.  Taking the Kozinski Challenge  Cyrus Sanai; The Recorder; September 16, 2005

71.  Conference to mull unpublished opinions  Jeff Chorney; The Recorder; June 16, 2005

72.  Red-light camera ruling stands  Brian Martinez; Orange County Register; May 12, 2005

73.  Slanted Survey Won't Help State's Publication Debate  Prof. Stephen Barnett; Daily Journal; April 28, 2005

74.  Panel OKs Rule on Citing Unpublished Opinions  Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; April 25, 2005

75.  Judiciary Guards its Secrets  Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; February 16, 2005

76.  Panel to Study Unpublished Opinions  John Roemer; Daily Journal; November 24, 2004

77.  Unpublished Court Decisions An Issue  California Newspaper Publishers Association Bulletin; April 5, 2004

78.  To Cite Or Not To Cite; Ask Illinois About Unpublished Cases Prof. Stephen Barnett; Daily Journal; October 7, 2004

79.  You Can See, But Not Cite  MacLean, Pamela; Daily Journal; Sep. 30, 2004

80.  Article Raises Questions of Lobbying Secrecy  Prof. Stephen Barnett; Daily Journal; September 20, 2004

81.  Unpublished opinions and Blakely (also seen as "Courts Are Quirky About Publishing")  Douglas A. Berman; Sentencing Law and Policy Blog; August 26, 2004

82.  THERE IS HOPE! Some Lawyers Do Fight Injustice Of A Corrupted, Festering Judicial System!  J. Jay Evenson; The Bachelor's Beat; August 27, 2004 

83.  Longtime Judiciary Lobbyist Brought Branches Together  Linda Rapattoni; Daily Journal; September 7, 2004

84.  Appeals court agrees tenancy law must go  Bob Egelko; S.F. Chronicle; June 26, 2004

85.  Injured Muni rider's lawsuit reinstated by appeals court  Bob Egelko; S.F. Chronicle; September 8, 2004

86.  Man Fights Depublication of Case Susan McRae; Daily Journal, August 19, 2004

87.  Citation Rules Mean Equal Treatment Isn't Guaranteed  Peter Blumberg; Daily Journal, August 19, 2004

88.  Citation-Rule Change Hits Obstacle  Brent Kendall; Daily Journal, June 18, 2004

89.  New Rule Gives Lawyers More Flexibility in Choosing Citations Aimee Mackay and Catherine Valerio Barrad; Daily Journal; June 3, 2004

90.  Opinions Hidden, Citations Forbidden:  A Report and Recommendations of the American College of Trial Lawyers on the Publication and Citation of Nonbinding Federal Circuit Court Opinions  March 2002

91.  Rule Crusader; His Target: Court Opinions That Aren't Officially Published  Young, Gary; National Law Journal; June 24, 2002

92.  People Deserve the Right to Cite From Unpublished Decisions  Schmier, Michael; Daily Journal; May 10, 2004

93.  Courts Must Publish or Cut Bait; Gideon Kanner; Daily Journal; May 5, 2004

94.  Courts' Work Deserves Publication  Barnett, Stephen R.; Daily Journal; April 23, 2004

95.  Courts Shouldn't Put Publishable Data In Unpublished Opinions  Thompson, Robert S.; Daily Journal; April 2004

96.  Bill On Unpublished Opinions Dropped; The chief justice agrees to study how the rules are applied, but remains opposed to such cites  Rapattoni, Linda; Daily Journal; April 26, 2004

97.  Giving Their Opinions; Committee Backs Rule Allowing Lawyers to Cite Unpublished Decisions  Ward, Stephanie F.; ABA Journal eReport; April 23, 2004

98.  The Law That Dare Not Speak Its Name  Bashman, Howard J., April 12, 2004

99.  Amid criticism, change in court moves forward; Court rule on citations  Richman, Josh; The Argus; April 15, 2004

100.                      Judicial Conference Group Backs Citing of Unpublished Opinions  Mauro, Tony; Legal Times; April 15, 2004

101.                      Difference of Opinion; Should judges make more rulings available as precedent? How an obscure proposal is dividing the federal bench  Mauro, Tony; Legal Times; April 12, 2004

102.                      Kuehl floats bill on citation of unpublished opinions  Chorney, Jeff; The Recorder; April 6, 2004

103.                      Kuehl Joins Fight For the Right to Cite Rapattoni, Linda; Daily Journal; March 26, 2004

104.                      Throught the Looking Glass: Humpty Dumpty and Opinions that Aren't Kionka, Edward J.; The Appellate Advocate; 2003 Issue 3

105.                      Shannon's Soapbox Shannon, Brian; The State Bar of Michigan Appellate Practice Section Newsletter; Fall 2000

106.                      Does Court Time-Saving Cost Liberty? Fulmer, Richard W.; The Foundation for Economic Education; November 2002

107.                      Losing Cite: The Anastasoff Rule Whitney, Mark;; 2002

108.                      Taking Judicial Notice: Judges be praised! Pambianco, Robert V.; October 10, 2000

109.                      Academic Doesn't Understand Reality Andrew J. Guilford; Daily Journal;  Mar 31, 2004

110.                      Publishing All Opinions Will Improve Judicial System In State Barnett, Stephen; Daily Journal; March 10, 2004

111.                      Lawmakers Must Resist Movement To Cite Unpublished Opinions Rylaarsdam, William; Daily Journal; March 3, 2004

112.                      Press Release: Staff Attorney Offices Help Manage Rising Caseloads United States Administrative Office of the Courts; Feb 17, 2004

113.                      The Fight to Cite; The 9th Circuit Is a Vocal and Formidable Opponent of the Move To Let Lawyers Cite Unpublished Opinions MacLean, Pamela; Feb 6, 2004

114.                      In 2002, Small But Important Gains Were Achieved In The Battle To Abolish Non-Precedential Federal Appellate Opinions Bashman, Howard J.; Jan 13, 2003

115.                      2002 Brings New Developments In Controversy Over the Precedential Status of Unpublished Appellate Opinions Bashman, Howard J.; Jan 14, 2002

116.                      No-Citation Rules As A Prior Restraint On Attorney Speech Tusk, Marla Brooke; Columbia Law Review June 2, 2003

117.                      Kozinski-itis: Hypocrisy in the Unpublished Opinions Controversy L. Neuton, July 13, 2003

118.                      Federal Appeals Court Decisions May Go Public Adam Liptak, New York Times, December 25, 2002

119.                      Don't Issue Citations for Citations Stephanie Francis Cahill, ABA Journal e-Report (, December 13, 2002

120.                      Out Of Cite? Stephen R. Barnett, San Francisco Daily Journal, November 18, 2002

121.                      Unpublished Opinions Rising, But Do They Help? Bruce M. Wexler and F. Christopher Mizzo, New York Law Journal, February 11, 2002

122.                      The End of Unpublished Decisions? Don't Count on It! Paul J. Glaser, Kane County Bar Association Bar Briefs, December, 2000

123.                      NEW DAY; California Unpublished Decisions to Be Posted Online Stephen R. Barnett, Scott Bennett, Maria Lin and Janet Tung; Daily Journal; Sep 26, 2001

124.                      Circuit Sticks to Its Opinion Policy Jason Hoppin, The Recorder, September 25, 2001

125.                      Unpublished Decisions: Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis Transcript of Discussion presented by The Bar Association of San Francisco, April 24, 2001

126.                      Judge Dodges Issue Over Publication Rules Pamela MacLean, San Francisco Daily Journal, March 27, 2001

127.                      A White Paper on Unpublished Opinions of the Court of Appeal Professor J. Clark Kelso and Joshua Weinstein, Appellate Process Task Force, March 2001

128.                      Letter to the Editor: 8th Circuit Ruling Revisited Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Washington State Bar News, February 2001

129.                      Keeping Mum Kills Precedents David Fine, The National Law Journal, February 15, 2001

130.                      Ruling Vacating Anastasoff Opinion U.S. Court of Appeals, December 18, 2000

131.                      Court Rules Unpublished Decisions Have Precedential Effect Thomas E. Zehnle, Litigation News, November, 2000

132.                      Unpublished No More Mary Alice Robbins,, November 2, 2000

133.                      Justice in the Dark Brigid McMenamin, Forbes Magazine, October 30, 2000.

134.                      Justices to Review Access to Opinions Frank MurrayWashington Times, October 27, 2000

135.                      Legal Shortcuts Run Into Some Dead Ends William Glaberson, The New York Times, October 8, 2000

136.                      Publication Rights Roger Parloff, The American Lawyer, October 5, 2000

137.                      Unpublished Opinions May Gain New Impact Tony Mauro, American Lawyer Media, September 5, 2000

138.                      Anastasoff Opinion Holding 8th Circuit Rule 28A(i) in part unconstitutional U.S. Court of Appeals, August 22, 2000

139.                      Publish or Perish Kenneth Schmier, Response to Please Don't Cite This, June, 2000

140.                      Please Don't Cite This Alex Kozinski and Stephen Reinhardt, California Lawyer, June, 2000

141.                      Schmier Campaign   Stephen R. Barnett, Daily Journal, April 13, 2000

142.                      Arrest Sheds Light on Legal Practice Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, September, 1999

143.                        2 Ways Our State Courts Keep Decisions Under Wraps   Ken Reich, LA Times, June 25, 1998

144.                      The law's dirty little secret, Scott Winokur, San Francisco Examiner, December 29, 1998

145.                      Mom who left 8-year-old alone not a "common criminal," Marin Independent Journal, June 21, 1998

146.                      Replacing Stressed Juror Is Allowed; Conviction Upheld, Ana Marie Stolley, San Francisco Daily Journal

147.                      Insurance ExecutivesSan Francisco Daily Journal, February 18, 1999

148.                      Lawyer says police violated man�s rights, Josh Richman

149.                      Personal Responsibility Vanishes, Joseph Perkins

150.                      The Year America Lost Its Innocence, David S. Broder

151.                      Thomas critizes "distorted" judicial nomination process, Kansas City Star

152.                      Agency blasts collegial approach, Associated Press


                        False Arrest of an Unpublished Opinion Protester: 

1.      Your Honor, That Was a Forum, Not a Court   Editorial, Marin Independent Journal, November 8, 1998

2.      Marin Judges, Meet a Citizen Who Cries 'Foul  Kenneth J. Schmier, Marin Independant Journal

3.      Readers Forum: The Judge Should Apologize/ The IJ Should Apologize   Marin Independent Journal, March 10, 1999

4.      Lawyer Urges Marin Human Rights to Probe Arrest  Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, March 10, 1999

5.      County Faces Wrongful Arrest Suit   Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, April 7, 1999

6.      County Denies $10 Million False Arrest Claim   Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, May 19, 1999

7.      He Makes a Good Case   Editorial, Marin Independent Journal, June 11, 1999

8.      Arrest Sheds Light on Legal Practice   Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, September 2, 1999

9.      Nonpublished Rulings: Disorder in the Courts?   Editorial, Marin Independent Journal, November 5, 1999

10.  County Cuts Deal with Man Tossed Out of Judges Forum   Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, November 9, 1999

11.  SF Man Finally Gets a Chance to Speak His Mind   Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, December 4, 1999

12.  Attorney Gets His Say Before Supervisors Over Judicial Practice   Jane Futcher, Marin Independent Journal, December 15, 1999

13.  Less law is better than more, Mr. Schmier   Albert Bianchi, Marin Independent Journal, January 11, 2000



                        Press directly related to the issue of nonpublication:

1.      2 Ways Our State Courts Keep Decisions Under Wraps, Kenneth Reich; Los Angeles Times, June 25, 1998.



                        Press indirectly related to the issue of nonpublication:

1.       U.S. judges say California's top court is jeopardizing constitutional rights    Maura Dolan, LA Times, July 25, 2016

2.       Op-Ed: Bush vs. Gore's ironic legal legacy   Jamie Raskin, LA Times, Dec. 13, 2015

3.       Georgia accuses activist of ‘terrorism’ because he posted ‘copyrighted’ legal code online Travis Gettys;; July 27, 2015

4.       California's chief justice loses round over Judicial Council power    Patrick McGreevy; Los Angeles Times; January 30, 2012.

5.       Judges' war resumes in new year   Dan Walters; Sacramento Bee; Jan. 25, 2012.

6.      Judges' war gets new ammo from legislative analyst   Dan Walters; Sacramento Bee; Sep. 30, 2011.

7.      Clash of the courts: Dissident judges challenge California chief justice's power    Maura Dolan; Los Angeles Times; March 15, 2011.

8.      Audit finds California courts' computer project far over budget and urges suspension    Patrick McGreevy; Los Angeles Times; February 09, 2011.

9.      Judges and Judiciary A Merry-Go-Around With No Beginning and No End   Quentin L. Kopp; Daily Journal; April 18, 2011.

10.  Boeing Beats the Trial Bar    Wall Street Journal; March 19, 2011

11.  Who Really Runs the Judicial Branch?      Sacramento Superior Court Judge Maryanne G. Gilliard; Daily Journal; March 15, 2011

12.  Judges Resist Plan to Unify Court System in California     NY Times/Associated Press; March 12, 2011

13.  Computer mess jeopardizes court's political clout      Paul Elias; Associated Press, March 12, 2011

14.  California Courts of Appeal Judge's Anti-SLAPP Comments Challenged     Laura Ernde; Daily Journal; March 11, 2011

15.  A judicial hierarchy out of control     Los Angeles (Pomona) Superior Court Judge Charles Horan; San Diego Union Tribune; March 4, 2011

16.  Fire the computer planner     The Daily Breeze; March 3, 2011

17.  Letter from Assemblymembers Ricardo Lara and Bonnie Lowenthal calling for termination of William Vickrey    February 24, 2011

18.  Pennsylvania: Mixed Verdict for Disgraced Judge      Associated Press; February 18, 2011

19.  California State Assembly Bill AB 1208 Introduced by Majority Leader, Democratic Assemblymember Charles Calderon; February 18, 2011

20.  A Supreme Court Above Reproach   Erwin Chemerinsky; Daily Journal; February 15, 2011

21.  Motion Asking Judge Reinhardt to Recuse Himself from the Prop. 8 Case    Eugene Volokh; The Volokh Conspiracy; December 2, 2010

22.  Judge refuses to withdraw from same-sex marriage case    Carol J. Williams; L.A. Times, December 3, 2010

23.  Chief justice takes on initiative process   Greg Moran; San Diego Union Tribune, October 10, 2009

24.  Top jurist defends monthly closures of state courts   Greg Moran; San Diego Union Tribune, September 13, 2009

25.  Members of High Court Face Ouster Attempt   Maura Dolan; Los Angeles Times, October 18, 1998

26.  Appeals Court says 'Under God' not a prayer   Bob Egelko; SF Chronicle; March 12, 2010

27.  Fullerton officials ignore state law   Steven Greenhut; OC Register; December 16, 2008

28.  The Future Is Within Our Grasp   Christopher B. Dolan; Daily Journal; January 13, 2011

29.  Let cameras in courts, chief appeals judge says   Bob Egelko; SF Chronicle; October 8, 2010

30.  Justice on Email; How the plaintiffs bar-attorney general nexus works in the raw   Wall Street Journal; July 28, 2010

31.  Court Allows 'Unrecusals' For Judges    Laura Ernde; Daily Journal; December 7, 2009

32.  Kozinski Complaint Is Dismissed   John Roemer; Daily Journal; December 1, 2009

33.  Peter Shellem, Investigative Reporter Who Wrote About Wrongful Convictions, Dies at 49    Dennis Hevesi; New York Times, November 1, 2009.

34.  Articles related to umpires (judges) missing calls in American League playoff games - Usability of Instant Replay Cameras to Mention and Record News and History   October 20, 2009

35.  Articles / Obituaries related to the death of Prof. Stephen Barnett   October 13, 2009

36.  Articles related to California Chief Justice Ronald George's criticism of the state's voter initiative system   October 10, 2009

37.  In California, justice takes a day off    Ronald M. George; Los Angeles Times; September 14, 2009

38.  California Courts Closing Its Doors    J.A.I.L. News Journal; September 14, 2009

39.  A Legal Battle: Online Attitude vs. Rules of the Bar     John Schwartz; New York Times; September 13, 2009

40.  Fewer Newspapers Fight to Open Court Proceedings     Adam Liptak; New York Times, September 1, 2009

41.  Pay cut, court closure have some judges in revolt    Greg Moran; Sand Diego Union-Tribune; August 27, 2009

42.  Kelso's Pay As Prison Receiver Takes Odd Route   Cheryl Miller; The Recorder; August 17, 2009

43.  Judges Seek Accountability, Transparency From AOC    Amy Yarbrough; Daily Journal; August 14, 2009 

44.  Scientists side with Drakes Bay oyster farmer   Peter Fimrite, SF Chronicle, May 6, 2009.

45.  Scolding and a stiff sentence for Carona   Christine Hanley, Los Angeles Times, April 27, 2009

46.  Judge admits mistake, unseals lawsuit against Sharon Stone   Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles Times, April 25, 2009

47.  Judge, Charged With Bribery, Tells Wife, Kills Himself in Yard Los Angeles Times; November 15, 1986

48.  Motion Ties W. Virginia Justice to Coal Executive    Adam Liptak; New York Times; January 15, 2008

49.  Doctors fight back against Internet critics    Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press; March 4, 2009

50.  Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit  Ian Urbina and Sean D. Hamill, New York Times, February 13, 2009.

51.  Supreme Court weighs in on elected judge bias Mark Sherman, Associated Press, March 4, 2009

52.  Ghost voting: A long history    Seth Rosenfeld; San Francisco Chronicle; June 10, 2008

53.  Let the record speak for itself    San Francisco Chronicle; June 10, 2008

54.  Other instances of "ghost voting"   Seth Rosenfeld; San Francisco Chronicle; June 10, 2008

55.  Assembly speaker moves to stop 'ghost voting'    San Francisco Chronicle; June 11, 2008

56.  State Lawmakers � Play by the Rules  San Francisco Chronicle; June 8, 2008

57.  Capital Chaos / An Absence of Accountability   John Diaz; San Francisco Chronicle; June 8, 2008

58.  Hiding Behind the Shield   John Diaz; San Francisco Chronicle; April 13, 2008

59.  2 Calif. groups file suit seeking voting records   Steve Lawrence, AP, December 3, 2008

60.  Suit seeks database on bills, lawmakers' votes     Matthew Yi, San Francisco Chronicle, December 4, 2008

61.  Open the windows to the state Capitol  John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle, December 7, 2008

62.  It drives me crazy, figuratively, of course    John Diaz; SF Chronicle; June 21, 2009

63.  Tainted Trials; Stolen Justice A 3 year investigation of Santa Clara County criminal trials; San Jose Mercury News; January 22, 2006.  Discussions of the impact of the rule forbidding citation to unpublished appeal opinions are at numerous places on the Tainted Trials Stolen Justice website including:  Part 1, pages 2 (paragraphs 8-10) & page 9 (paragraphs 4-6);  Part 2, page 2 (paragraph 5);  Part 3, page 2 (paragraph 4), page 6 (paragraph 11), & page 7 (paragraph 5);  Part 4, page 4 (paragraphs 7-10) & page 7 (paragraph 3);  Part 5, page 2 (paragraphs 2 & 8), page 7 (paragraphs 1-3. 6, 9-11) , cognate articles on the website: "About the review" (paragraphs 4-5); and "Leading to Release of 6 defendants" page 3 (paragraph 10), page 4 (paragraphs 8-10), page 5 (paragraphs 1-4).

64.  Closed courtroom leads to call for more access Bob Egelko; SF Chronicle; Saturday, October 25, 2008

65.  Court Security Rules Under Consideration Amy Yarbrough; Daily Journal; October 24, 2008

66.  Why How Matters Thomas L. Friedman; New York Times; October 15, 2008

67.  Bill seeks report cards on higher education    Tanya Schevitz; San Francisco Chronicle; June 11, 2008

68.  Kozinski Gives New Life to Role of Chief Judge  John Roemer; Daily Journal; June 9, 2008

69.  Bill adds limits to access of cops� history in brutality cases   Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle; April 12, 2008

70.  Neutral Citation, Court Web Sites, and Access to Authoritative Case Law   Peter W. Martin;. Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 06-047; December 2006.

71.  Google nudges state governments to open public records databases   San Francisco Chronicle; April 30, 2007.

72.  Referee Who Ejected Duncan Is Suspended   San Francisco Chronicle; April 18, 2007

73.  On tough issues, governor's go-to plan does little   San Diego Union-Tribune; March 13, 2007

74.  Spector trial renews debate on TV in courtroom   Bob Egelko; SF Chronicle; April 25, 2007.

75.  Unorthodox Campaign Arises From Grudge With State Bar   Amy Yarbrough; Daily Journal; April 16, 2007.

76.  JUICE VS. JUSTICE | A LOS ANGELES TIMES INVESTIGATION  Michael J. Goodman and William C. Rempel, June 8-10, 2006

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80.  Private Justice Can Be Yours if You're Rich  Michael Hiltzik; Los Angeles Times; March 16, 2006 (See also Penelope Pether Inequitable Injunctions: The Scandal of Private Judging in the U.S. Courts; 56 Stan. L. Rev. 1435 (2004)).